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Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

waste all the odd things

Just see my own reflection
same face, but seems so differs
how I can say "who I'm now nor past"?
coz I don't know exactly

it's just my reflection
used to face my life... long long time...
full of emptyness... less of fillness

Lord... please make me believe
It'll be passed
I don't wanna hide anymore
help me, waste away the fears n' tears
and kick away all the odd things

4 komentar:

Andri Edisi Terbatas mengatakan...

waduh bahasa inggris....nggak ngerti...huhuhuhu...T_T

~~~Mata dan Dunia~~~ mengatakan...

hahhaha, dah ad postingan lain pke bhs indonesia tuh ^_^

Setelah kehidupan mengatakan...

haiiii anita..!!!!!!!!!1

~~~Mata dan Dunia~~~ mengatakan...

hai juga... ^_^


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